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How can I support you as a Doula....

As a Birth Companion
* Before the birth of your baby we would meet two or three times to get to know each other and to talk about your hopes for the birth experience and to prepare you and your partner.
* I would be on call period for the birth of your baby from two weeks before your due date until the birth.
* During your birth, I can help to keep you grounded and focussed. Together we can practice positions and techniques to help you manage the contractions and the birth itself. I can remind you of your birth plan and help you reassess your wishes should the situation change. I will be a constant companion throughout your birth, for you and your partner.
* After the birth of your baby I will visit you twice during the early weeks to check in on you and your baby, to help where I can and to talk about your birth experience if you wish.

Postpartum Support
Personalised postpartum support in your home, to ensure that you can enjoy a calm and magical time of bonding and recovery after the birth of your baby.
I can help with physical recovery and recuperation after pregnancy and birth, feeding support and newborn care as well as an extra pair of hands for older siblings. Meal preparation, light household tasks are also part of how I can be there for you as a Doula.

For more information please see my website for more details.

Über uns

Die Doula-Geburtsbegleitung® nimmt die alte Tradition wieder auf, bei der die gebärende Frau zusätzlich zur Hebamme von einer ihr vertrauten, geburtserfahrenen Frau begleitet wird. Wiederentdeckt wurde dieser alte „Beruf“ um 1970 in den USA durch Studien und Beobachtungen in Spitälern durch John Kennel, Marshall und Phyllis Klaus.



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