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Gisela Collazo
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I am a certified Full Spectrum Doula, providing empathetic and non-judgemental support for all reproductive health concerns, including pregnancy, childbirth, fertility, abortion and birth control.

I have been living in the city of Zürich for over 20 years. Originally from Puerto Rico, I grew up in the USA. My language of choice is English with Spanish being a close second. My German is pretty good, although my kids sometimes laugh that I can't seem to stick the ü all the time. Being mother to two teenagers keeps me flexible and open to learning in life as it presents itself.

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A regular, nourishing Yoga practice for mother and baby is an ideal way to soothe the body and mind amidst the rapid changes that pregnancy brings. The techniques for strengthening and stabilizing, for relaxation and bonding with baby provide continued support through the pregnancy, childbirth and in the postpartum period.

I have over 15 years of experience teaching Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga in the Birthlight method. I have witnessed the positive effects of gentle and organic practices designed especially for the changing needs of the body throughout the pregnancy. Through the practice, we aim to counter-balance the daily stress factors in our busy lives by slowing down, promoting connection with the baby, and finding graceful movement and ease of breath.

I offer birth preparation classes and workshops, providing both theoretical and practical information of the labor process. These classes offer an opportunity to practice movements and positions for labor as well as breathing and sounding techniques.

All of these techniques are not only useful in the labor process, but also in the joyous and challenging 4th Trimester - that intense period of connection and readjustment once your baby is in your arms.

:: Postnatal Yoga
:: ​Spinning Babies
:: Baby Massage and Baby Yoga

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Die Doula-Geburtsbegleitung® nimmt die alte Tradition wieder auf, bei der die gebärende Frau zusätzlich zur Hebamme von einer ihr vertrauten, geburtserfahrenen Frau begleitet wird. Wiederentdeckt wurde dieser alte „Beruf“ um 1970 in den USA durch Studien und Beobachtungen in Spitälern durch John Kennel, Marshall und Phyllis Klaus.



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